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Self Assessment

At Manjimup ESC rigorous self assessment processes are a key component of our planning and improvement cycle. Informed judgement about the standards of student achievement and the effectiveness of school processes in maximising student achievement are regularly and consistently made. School staff, school board, school networks, students and parents are all actively immersed in the collection, analysis and ongoing review of whole school improvement. They each review specific data that contributes towards the whole school improvement process, both academic and non-academic.

Reflective Practice

The business plan is based upon the key findings of a school review undertaken in January 2020. Staff, community and school board have been integral in shaping the future direction of Manjimup ESC and prioritising our student needs. Reflection on feedback and data has been essential to this process. Educators participate in reflective practice to ensure programs are meaningful, current and curriculum aligned, and analyse student data to ensure maximun learning is occuring. The school and staff undertake regular reflective practices. This includes; National School Opinion Survey conducted every two years, staff professional development meetings bi-annually and full time staff attending a minimum of six professional development days per year.



Our school and community supports and encourages our students’ unlimited potential and celebrates their efforts and successes.

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Our Values

Our values are integral to MESC’s culture and are supported through our Positive Behaviour Support framework.

Be Safe

Be Your Best

Be Kind

MESC Purpose

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